Updating Ghost on Azure Websites

I was delighted to see an available update when I logged into my blog admin yesterday. When I set this blog up I didn't go through the install so I wasn't too sure what to expect. I clicked on the link and was pleasantly surprised to see it was just a few file updates followed by a single command.

Hang on, back up a minute. I said I didn't install Ghost, so how did it get here? Well I used the super simple Azure Websites Gallery to get started. If you have a look at my previous posts you'll see I did have to do quite a bit of digging around when trying to get Visual Studio Online hooked up, but apart from that it was probably no more than a dozen clicks to get going.

Back to the update process...

This page details all you really need to know. It is just a case of copy the 'core' folder and the files from the root directory of a fresh download and then run the command npm install --production. That last bit either seems very obvious or has you scratching your head. Initially for me it was the latter as I hadn't started from scratch with node so didn't know what Node Package Modules were all about.

It got me thinking "how can I do this on a website I have no server access to?" Then I remembered a blog post on Azure Websites and Kudu. I quickly dug up the post (here on the MSDN Azure blog) and got deep into my site's Kudu Dashboard and there's the console I need :)

Whilst that's a great blog post and a resource to be aware of, it gets even easier with the new Azure Portal, as console access is available straight from the Portal. All you need to do is log on to the new Portal, navigate to your website and scroll down to the console option shown here:


So now the upgrade is really simple. FTP to your site, copy the files as instructed and run the command from the new Azure Portal. It'll pause for a minute then do lots of this:


Once complete, restart the site and you're all done.

BTW the name of the site in the screenshot isn't this site but a new site I created to test the upgrade. It is so easy to deploy a new Azure Website you'd be foolish not to test on another site before doing on your main one. That doesn't mean you can skip the export step in the upgrade, and don't just replace your files, rename them. Hopefully that's not your Daily Lesson!

And no more issues (see the comment at the bottom of the post) editing Ghost content on iOS with this release!

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